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Wigu: Basically, Wigu is the best of everything. The art is colorful and fun, the writing is hilarious, the characters are deeply developed, and the plot is frickin AWESOME and CRAZY. If you like webcomics at all you have probably already been to this site, and if you haven't, GO THERE NOW.

Nothing Nice To Say: This comic is an old punk standby. The jokes poke hilarious fun at the punk music scene and the world in general. It hasn't been updated in awhile, but you are cheating yourself if you like punk music at all and you don't at least take a look at it.

Reman Mythology: I just discovered this comic recently, and was thrilled beyond my wildest dreams! The comic features amazing manga style art, and an extremely engaging sci-fi/fantasy plotline. It is currently only updated once a week, but the archives are well developed by now, and reading through them is the perfect way to spend a lazy summer day. --or ANY DAY!

Something Positive: This is the first webcomic I ever read. My friend sent me one (oh so hilarious!) strip and I was hooked forever, both on Something Positive, and on webcomics in general. I spent the next few days negelecting to do homework and reading through the entire S*P archives.

Scary Go Round: Scary Go Round is one of my favorite comics. The humour is rather British, and I rarely will laugh out loud at it, but when I do it is a rather hearty laugh! Regardless, the writing is great for ludicrous plots and dialogue, and the art is completely computer generated for a very awesome look and feel.

Bobbins: Bobbins is like a prequel to SGR. It has a few of the same characters, and all of the same awesomeness, thought the art style is wildly varied, and goes from crude-ish pen drawings in the earliest archives to very refined art, similar to that of SGR, in the later ones. It is just as worth reading as Scary Go Round, or any other comic.

Diesel Sweeties: A Diesel Sweeties strip is usually short and sweet. The lack of plot development keeps me from being a full time reader, but the hilarious punchlines and sexy themes always bring me back to check it out on another day. Not to mention that it makes fun of indie rock, and has TOTALLY AWESOME T-shirts for sale.