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yay, a "comic"

you have to tilt your head a little... I'm sure you'll deal.


LJ user NINJADOLLY Will be posting comics of her own creation alongside the crappy shit I post every so often. Hopefully she won't make me look TOO bad, hehe.

This invitation is also open to basically any webcomic artists who want to join us. Just drop me a comment or email and I invite you to the community then you can start posting comics.

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I spent like as effin long trying to upload this as I did drawing it practically. The scan was being all weird and stupid so I wanted to kill it hard and finally I was just like WTF jasen?? who the eff cares if the lines are all gross and pixelated when the drawing itself is such low quality in the first place?
So here is a really small version of the comic but amazingly you can read it and the lines are clear and beautiful. I find it SO FUCKING RIDICULOUS that photobucket can smooth the lines when it auto-resizes the pic down, but fucking windows cant even come with a program that will do this, EVEN THOUGH WHEN YOU LOOK AT PREVIEWS IN WINDOWS EXPLORER THE LINES ARE SMOOTHED!!!

ANYWAY!!! What the hell am I getting on about? this is completely irrelevent to anything ever.
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HAHA!!! I have now made TWO comics!!

My dedication to this project is like INSANE.

I know, this one is even shittier art than the last one. If you can't tell, they are supposed to be sitting at a table in the food court in the last 2 panels.

Also, I have changed the journal settings to show one entry per page, for easy back to front viewing.



Yes, I finally started my webcomic.

Here are some made up FAQs to teach you all about it.

Will it ever be updated beyond this first comic? If so, then how often and on what schedule?
I am not GOD. I cannot predict the FUTURE.

Why a livejournal?
So I don't have to make a website and so people can add it to their friends page and not have to even go out of there way in order to like it.

What about important components of a webcomic website that you can't have in a journal? Such as a characters page and links to other webcomics?
I will either post that stuff in the user info or as entries which will be categorized in the livejournal memories.

Why is the livejournal a community and not a single unit?
So I can be "MOD" of something (that rhymes with God!) and also so that people can help me out or post their own comics later.

Why does it say I can't join?
Because nobody likes you.

Why is it such shitty quality?
It isn't shitty, it's efficient. Less time spent creating means more comics for your webcomic consuming pleasure. There is no need for me to prove myself to you by using a bunch of elaborate or ostentatious "art" and "writing".

Why is it so hard to read the writing?
Pffft. Toothpaste For Dinner is completely illegible and you read that. What? You don't read Toothpaste For Dinner? Poseur.

...and the most frequently asked question of all:

Why isn't your comic funny?
If I have to explain it to you, you aren't cool and don't deserve to read such an awesome webcomic anyway.


...oh yeah, heres the first strip:

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